The use of carburizer


Calcined anthracite coke ( CAC )

The use of carburizer

   Calcined anthracite coke ( CAC ) is made of low-ash and low-sulfur fine washed anthracite after being calcined at about 1250℃ in the calcination furnace, mainly produced in Ningxia and Inner Mongolia. The content of fixed carbon is 90-93%, mainly used for steelmaking enterprises, part of the casting enterprises for gray cast iron.

    High fixed carbon content, strong oxidation resistance, low content of harmful elements. It can be used as a reducing agent in smelting process. In the process of electric arc furnace steelmaking, coke or anthracite can be added as carburizer when charging.

Calcined petroleum coke ( CPC )

The use of carburizer

    Calcined petroleum coke ( CPC ) is the product of removing impurities such as water, ash and volatile in petroleum coke by calcination of low sulfur petroleum coke in calcination furnace at 1300℃. The appearance of calcined petroleum coke is black or dark gray hard solid, the metallic luster, porous. The composition of calcined petroleum coke is hydrocarbon, containing more than 98.5% carbon. Calcined petroleum coke carburizing agent is widely used in industry, calcined petroleum coke carburizing agent can be used in steelmaking, ironmaking, general casting and other industries, can also be used to make casting brake disc, crankshaft, brake pads and so on.

Graphite petroleum coke (GPC )

The use of carburizer

   Graphite petroleum coke (GPC ) refers to after graphitization of carburizer, carbon products through high temperature or other ways to make its molecular structure change, regular arrangement, this molecular arrangement, carbon molecular spacing is wider, more conducive to the decomposition of nucleation in liquid iron or liquid steel. Carburizing agent can be used as cast iron carburizing agent of many materials, commonly used with artificial graphite, calcined petroleum coke, natural graphite, coke, anthracite and such materials with a mixture. Graphite carburizer is mainly used for electric furnace smelting, through low pig iron dosage or even zero dosage, to carburize way to get better liquid iron.

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