Artificial graphite anode material


   The raw materials of artificial graphite anode materials are mainly petroleum coke, needle coke, asphalt coke and other chemical materials, and the raw materials account for about 40% of the total production cost of artificial graphite anode materials.

   Petroleum coke is a by-product of oil refining. It is a solid particle produced by delayed coking with petroleum residue as raw material. The preparation process of Petroleum coke in China has been relatively mature, and it is widely used in carbon, electrolytic aluminum, glass, silicon metal and other fields. In the field of lithium battery anode material, petroleum coke is mainly used to prepare common quality artificial graphite anode.

     Needle coke is high quality coke with very low thermal expansion coefficient and easy graphitization. It has good electrical and thermal conductivity. Its main application fields are carbon and high quality artificial graphite anode materials. China's import dependence on high-quality needle coke is large, accounting for 50%.

     Petroleum coke and needle coke are widely used in the fields of graphite carbon for steelmaking and prebaked anode for electrolytic aluminum, so the change of market demand for graphite carbon and electrolytic aluminum has an important impact on the market price of these materials.

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